Art That Makes Itself: Brown & Son

Book Launch: Tuesday 7th July

British Computer Society, 1st Floor, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA.

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A 100 page full colour publication with newly commissioned essays about the work of Paul and Daniel Brown who are acclaimed media artists as well as father and son. The book has new writing by both artists and newly commissioned essays from expert curators, theorists and practitioners within the field of digital art and design. Texts are interspersed with pages of images of works from the extensive Brown & Son back catalogue and from a recent exhibition in London. This is the first of a Brown & Son publication series which will focus on the history and development of algorithmic, generative and systems art seen through the lens of a father and son artist duo whose works span sixty years of digital art production. Contributing writers Bronaċ Ferran, Paul Brown, Irini Papadimitriou, Paul Brown, Daniel Brown, Grant D. Taylor, Douglas Dodds, Golan Levin, Peter Fowler, Jim Boulton, Maria X edited by Bronaċ Ferran.

" While differences are clearly visible between the art of Paul and Daniel Brown, each approach centres on the same quest, a unique type of shared artistic vision in which an autonomous and self-making art is made real. "

Grant D. Taylor